Young Justice

Finally got around to watching Young Justice. Such a shame the show was cancelled by Cartoon Network.

Here's Artemis...


Some favorite pages from issue 19...very violent issue... loved it.

Old Cingular Wireless commercial

Just found this on youtube. Reason it's important to me is because is not only did i draw some storyboards for it but I included 'Butch' my little Boston Terrier buddy from childhood in the board.

Wayback Machine

Here are some childhood drawings of GI JOE characters in various scenes. Please note that at 12 or 13 years old I had already killed off Cobra Commander. Ahead of my time I guess...Other drawings were done at about 15 years old.

Cobra Commander dead?!?

Tomax and Xamot

Snowjob, Iceberg and Frostbite(?)


Flint and Dailtone

The three mustachio'd Bushwackers - Leatherneck, Recondo and Gung-ho!

Lowlight coming to rescue Gen. Hawk.

A coup in progress...

and Snake